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  • 8 Reasons Labyrinth is for Homeschoolers

    8 Reasons Labyrinth is for Homeschoolers

    In homeschooling, we ought to aim at developing the whole child. Day-to-day lessons regiment development through the various pools of knowledge. However, reading and listening with the interaction that happens as we read to our children/teens is a highly purified form of education that I do not think happens as much as it should.

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  • A Labyrinth of Learning

    A Labyrinth of Learning

    John Amos Comenius’s Labyrinth of the World is an excellent book for many different demographic groups as it has appeal to several interests. Today, we’re going to look at it from the perspective of trying to use it for instructional purposes in a classroom rather than just one of a thousand books to be consumed in a…

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  • How Comenius Can Help Homeschoolers

    How Comenius Can Help Homeschoolers

    As Christian homeschoolers, it is important to find materials to teach and instill values we hold most dear. Homeschooling has become exploding reality in the last few years because parents want more for little Johnny and Josephine than most traditional schools offer. However, I have reservations about some of the reading material I see recommended…

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