History of Labyrinth

  • Allegoric Aspects

    Allegoric Aspects

    John Amos Comenius was known to have been a writing phenom, having more than 140 published works and 40 more unfinished. It is a serious question as to why he chose allegory as his first major writing project. This art form is challenging to pull off in long-form, such as Labyrinth, and he was a…

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  • Enter Comenius’s Labyrinth

    Enter Comenius’s Labyrinth

    The first five chapters of Comenius’s epic story are a mere 14 pages in this new edition. One could read this section in a mere 20 minutes—even if you were one of the slowest readers in the world. There is nothing fancy about them, yet they are laden with sinister clues, intrigue, and a level…

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  • Listen, Dance and Learn

    Listen, Dance and Learn

    I recently went to a National Polka Festival 2022 in Ennis, TX, in order to meet a greater audience for The Labyrinth of the World, and network. This effort worked on many levels. I also received an education on several points. What stood out to me was the difference between American Czechs and the Czech-Republic Czechs.…

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  • Extending the Impact

    Extending the Impact

    Few things in life are not beautified by art. It is one of the universal expressions of humankind because people of different languages and cultures can often capture the import of an image or illustration without understanding anyone talking about it. Part of my adaptation of Labyrinth of the World was putting art back into…

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  • I Chose to Adapt Labyrinth of the World

    I Chose to Adapt Labyrinth of the World

    In 2020, when I seriously considered adapting Labyrinth of the World, I was first discouraged by one scholar with some relatively strong opinions. The import of his investigative questioning was that there was no value in any work not directly translated from the Czech into English. Yet, after four prior attempts to invent that wheel, I…

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  • The Tale of Two Allegories

    The Tale of Two Allegories

    Since Labyrinth of the World inspired Pilgrim’s Progress, as a former post relates. This post will be a literary comparison of the two books. The thinkers behind the two books were entirely different. Yet, it is interesting how these extreme differences led to books with strikingly similar characters and elements. However, what is most telling…

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