The author, John Comenius, wove this tale 400 years ago, but it still reminds us as followers of Christ of our role in this world: to be the kingdom of God among the kingdoms of men.



Follow Pilgrim as he tours the Labyrinth of the World. Guided by Mr. Ubiquitous and Mr. Delusion, he seeks for meaning and purpose in the 6 principal streets but finds only vanity, violence, despair, and hypocrisy. In time, Pilgrim becomes despondent about his life, and his guides abandon him.

Then, Christ appears to Pilgrim and transforms his mind and heart. He disciples Pilgrim and then sends him back into the world he has just traversed. This time, Pilgrim is to be a light, truth, and a reality that cannot be obtained in the world because such emanates from Christ within him.

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