• Outselling a Big Name

    Outselling a Big Name

    I went to the national ACCS conference, Repairing the Ruins, on June 22-25, 2022. I was unsure what to make of this conference on classical education because Reformed Theology is outside my experience of associations. Of course, I know who they are. However, I’ve not attended their meetings. I’ve never been bashful to enter any…

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  • Labyrinth vs. Pilgrim’s Progress

    Labyrinth vs. Pilgrim’s Progress

    Since discovering Labyrinth of the World, 20 or so years ago, I am continually astounded by it. Once I had, I finished adapting this work—from three of its more complicated to read English translated forerunners—I went about to try and find endorsements. I was struck by the comment of one person who rather emphatically said that…

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  • The Tale of Two Allegories

    The Tale of Two Allegories

    Since Labyrinth of the World inspired Pilgrim’s Progress, as a former post relates. This post will be a literary comparison of the two books. The thinkers behind the two books were entirely different. Yet, it is interesting how these extreme differences led to books with strikingly similar characters and elements. However, what is most telling…

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