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  • Allegoric Aspects

    Allegoric Aspects

    John Amos Comenius was known to have been a writing phenom, having more than 140 published works and 40 more unfinished. It is a serious question as to why he chose allegory as his first major writing project. This art form is challenging to pull off in long-form, such as Labyrinth, and he was a…

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  • The Contemporary Feel of Labyrinth

    The Contemporary Feel of Labyrinth

    Is Labyrinth of the World still relevant? Let’s find out. To blanch at the perceived notion that a 400-year-old book—few have heard of—could be eloquently significant today might not be a rare reaction. However, Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood of Moravian University told me he uses Labyrinth of the World in his lectures. In his endorsement, on…

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  • 8 Reasons Labyrinth is for Homeschoolers

    8 Reasons Labyrinth is for Homeschoolers

    In homeschooling, we ought to aim at developing the whole child. Day-to-day lessons regiment development through the various pools of knowledge. However, reading and listening with the interaction that happens as we read to our children/teens is a highly purified form of education that I do not think happens as much as it should.

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