• I Chose to Adapt Labyrinth of the World

    I Chose to Adapt Labyrinth of the World

    In 2020, when I seriously considered adapting Labyrinth of the World, I was first discouraged by one scholar with some relatively strong opinions. The import of his investigative questioning was that there was no value in any work not directly translated from the Czech into English. Yet, after four prior attempts to invent that wheel, I…

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  • Comenius – Living in Changing Times

    Comenius – Living in Changing Times

    Do you get the feeling like the earth is shaking beneath you? Daily I experience folks who express feelings and act as if life is quickly diminishing as we’ve known it. I observe so many who are angry and ready to argue. Hardly a month goes by where there are no reports of outbursts on…

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  • The Tale of Two Allegories

    The Tale of Two Allegories

    Since Labyrinth of the World inspired Pilgrim’s Progress, as a former post relates. This post will be a literary comparison of the two books. The thinkers behind the two books were entirely different. Yet, it is interesting how these extreme differences led to books with strikingly similar characters and elements. However, what is most telling…

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  • The Rest of the Story

    The Rest of the Story

    John Amos Comenius (1592-1670) is an educator, philosopher, and social reformer. However, relatively few know him as the author of an epic allegory, which inspired the second best-selling book in history. What I am about to divulge is not well-known, even in scholar’s circles. Those who do know what I am about to share are not…

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