• A Man Beyond Religion

    A Man Beyond Religion

    The word “religious” is a term in many circles can make part of our anatomy cinch up so tight; were we sitting on a piece of coal it’d quickly turn into a diamond. Religiousness is as synonymous in practical reality with control, manipulation, and corruption as it is might be with…

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  • Outselling a Big Name

    Outselling a Big Name

    I went to the national ACCS conference, Repairing the Ruins, on June 22-25, 2022. I was unsure what to make of this conference on classical education because Reformed Theology is outside my experience of associations. Of course, I know who they are. However, I’ve not attended their meetings. I’ve never been bashful to enter any…

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  • A Labyrinth of Learning

    A Labyrinth of Learning

    John Amos Comenius’s Labyrinth of the World is an excellent book for many different demographic groups as it has appeal to several interests. Today, we’re going to look at it from the perspective of trying to use it for instructional purposes in a classroom rather than just one of a thousand books to be consumed in a…

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  • Listen, Dance and Learn

    Listen, Dance and Learn

    I recently went to a National Polka Festival 2022 in Ennis, TX, in order to meet a greater audience for The Labyrinth of the World, and network. This effort worked on many levels. I also received an education on several points. What stood out to me was the difference between American Czechs and the Czech-Republic Czechs.…

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  • Two Kingdoms: How Comenius Understood it

    Two Kingdoms: How Comenius Understood it

    Understanding an author is almost as important as reading what they wrote. In the case of The Labyrinth of the World -and- The Paradise of the Heart, such is an indispensable approach. John Amos Comenius was multifaceted and complex of a writer as any ever was. Unfortunately, this can present difficulty in understanding him, which…

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  • How Comenius Can Help Homeschoolers

    How Comenius Can Help Homeschoolers

    As Christian homeschoolers, it is important to find materials to teach and instill values we hold most dear. Homeschooling has become exploding reality in the last few years because parents want more for little Johnny and Josephine than most traditional schools offer. However, I have reservations about some of the reading material I see recommended…

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  • How Anabaptist is Comenius’s Labyrinth?

    How Anabaptist is Comenius’s Labyrinth?

    Labyrinth of the World has many aspects of appeal. Another concerns the Anabaptists. This post will be for those who may not know who or what an Anabaptist is, as I did not 20 years ago. Comenius was not an Anabaptist in the classical sense of the word. However, he was familiar with them, and it appears…

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  • What Makes Labyrinth Practical for Our Time

    What Makes Labyrinth Practical for Our Time

    I don’t know about you, but when I go to Barnes & Noble, I am gobsmacked by the range and mix of books. How I might find a book of interest that will also be worth my time? Such is increasingly problematic, especially because of all the indie publishing these days. Industry approaches to marketing and niching…

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  • Pilgrim Among the Tradesmen

    Pilgrim Among the Tradesmen

    The ninth chapter is the first section where Comenius is more expansive. In this episode he details of the Order of the Tradesmen. While Comenius spends more time amidst what might be seen as white-collar associations, he starts his story in the practical end of the world. Today this is portrayed as where all the…

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  • Death and Marriage in the Marketplace

    Death and Marriage in the Marketplace

    In expounding upon the imagery of the Labyrinth of the World, Comenius takes us—through the eyes of Pilgrim—into an imaginary world that assuredly represents the real one. During Pilgrim’s descent upon the Labyrinth of the World, he observes the organization around six principal avenues. These represent most of life’s associations and ambitions.

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  • Extending the Impact

    Extending the Impact

    Few things in life are not beautified by art. It is one of the universal expressions of humankind because people of different languages and cultures can often capture the import of an image or illustration without understanding anyone talking about it. Part of my adaptation of Labyrinth of the World was putting art back into…

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  • Labyrinth vs. Pilgrim’s Progress

    Labyrinth vs. Pilgrim’s Progress

    Since discovering Labyrinth of the World, 20 or so years ago, I am continually astounded by it. Once I had, I finished adapting this work—from three of its more complicated to read English translated forerunners—I went about to try and find endorsements. I was struck by the comment of one person who rather emphatically said that…

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