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  • The Creator –  What They Won’t Tell You That They’re Telling You

    The Creator –  What They Won’t Tell You That They’re Telling You

    The Creator – What They Won’t Tell You That They’re Telling You Today’s movies seem to be more of an exercise in the purpose of propaganda than the art of entertainment. It used to be, many films whisked you off to places we couldn’t usually go. Now, more and more movies take you to where…

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  • 7 Ways Not to Be the Religious People Who Turned Out the Jews

    7 Ways Not to Be the Religious People Who Turned Out the Jews

    No one in religious circles today would fail to find fault with Germany’s religious community, which was complicit in the Nazi machine that liquidated 10 million people, including 6 million European Jews. People still gasp at pictures and accounts of this period. The hope in recounting in such events is that this epic calamity would…

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  • 7 Ways Dave Ramsey Sells Jesus Short

    7 Ways Dave Ramsey Sells Jesus Short

    So many church people listen to and tout various personalities. However, I would like to look at one of the most prominent authors and speakers in religious circles and consider a few details. I am concerned about how his following is being led astray.

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  • If You Aren’t Helpful to The Cause of Christ

    If You Aren’t Helpful to The Cause of Christ

    It seems incredible that “The Cause of Christ” is not well-defined in religious circles today. Is it going to church, helping the less fortunate, apologetically defending your belief, missionary outreach, or having a good church experience; is this what the cause of Christ in toto?

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  • Homeschooling That Isn’t so Christian – 6 ways it can be Christian

    Homeschooling That Isn’t so Christian – 6 ways it can be Christian

    After a year and a half of being a vendor at homeschool conventions around the country—twelve shows—I am aghast by many things I’ve observed. I’m left to wonder at what is thought should be happening in Christian education. I want to present what I see happening in this article and ask a few questions.

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  • What We Owe Comenius

    What We Owe Comenius

    When you think of major influencers of Western Civilization or education, names come to mind like Descartes, Erasmus, Kant, Locke, Milton, Newton, Pascal, and Socrates. Many other contributors could be named for sure. However, the above list does not misrepresent a top echelon of personages who shaped the way we think in culture and society…

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  • 4 Ways Labyrinth of The World is Transcendent

    4 Ways Labyrinth of The World is Transcendent

    Oft times books are pitched at a single issue or current subject. One written in 1950 may stand the test of time to be potent at later junctures. Many stories, movies, or articles lose their bite within years or a generation. How many books are truly timeless? How often do we see in a book,…

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  • Allegoric Aspects

    Allegoric Aspects

    John Amos Comenius was known to have been a writing phenom, having more than 140 published works and 40 more unfinished. It is a serious question as to why he chose allegory as his first major writing project. This art form is challenging to pull off in long-form, such as Labyrinth, and he was a…

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  • The Contemporary Feel of Labyrinth

    The Contemporary Feel of Labyrinth

    Is Labyrinth of the World still relevant? Let’s find out. To blanch at the perceived notion that a 400-year-old book—few have heard of—could be eloquently significant today might not be a rare reaction. However, Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood of Moravian University told me he uses Labyrinth of the World in his lectures. In his endorsement, on…

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  • 8 Reasons Labyrinth is for Homeschoolers

    8 Reasons Labyrinth is for Homeschoolers

    In homeschooling, we ought to aim at developing the whole child. Day-to-day lessons regiment development through the various pools of knowledge. However, reading and listening with the interaction that happens as we read to our children/teens is a highly purified form of education that I do not think happens as much as it should.

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  • Enter Comenius’s Labyrinth

    Enter Comenius’s Labyrinth

    The first five chapters of Comenius’s epic story are a mere 14 pages in this new edition. One could read this section in a mere 20 minutes—even if you were one of the slowest readers in the world. There is nothing fancy about them, yet they are laden with sinister clues, intrigue, and a level…

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  • The World is Going Mad

    The World is Going Mad

    Life today is shockingly unstable. Incessant threats press upon our minds from every side. We are left to figure out how to maintain our sureness and equilibrium amidst all the instability we see. As followers of Christ, we have stories from scripture and ecclesiastical history that can assure and encourage us in these times. When…

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